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Play a tune together, answer the questions about your past, restore your memories, discover your story!

In this spherical music game you and your co-player find yourself on a winters day, seated at a piano in a public place. You don't really seem to know eachother. Or do you? Answer the questions, give musical input by pressing the piano-keys/keyboard and find out what happened in your mutual past. Duet is a story driven game for 2 players, using a regular keyboard or a Midi keyboard.

Made for GlobalGameJam 2019 at Antwerp Jam Site 


  • Corinne Fenoglio - Visual artist and Idea inventor
  • Julien Berthou - Programmer
  • Vincent Van Meenen - Writer
  • Cezary Mildner - Programmer
  • Earbug - Sound effects and soundtrack


  • YarnSpinner - Text system
  • Keijiro - Midijack plugin
  • Blender - 3D models
  • Unity - Game engine


Build.zip 26 MB

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